We do everything for the Like. It´s all about likes. When no one likes my post on insta I´m disappointed. The more likes the better. Some people on social media are so liked, like everyone likes them and everything they say or do or show is liked. I tried being myself on insta, no chance. Only a few likes. Like for being liked better I would have to always post pictures in bright colors, a friendly, representative background, with no cables and stuff. And everything would have to always look fluffy and comfortable and perfect. IT would be SO much effort! Sometimes I wonder if any of those insta stars shows the truth. I bet there are people who do, but I guess it´s a minority. I guess most of those social media gods put a lot of effort in creating a perfect picture of themselves. To show the world. To be liked. But, what is it worth to have an image of oneself that is liked? And, what is so horrible about not being liked, I mean like in real life we don´t like everybody. That´s a natural fact. Yet, no one ever says it. You MUST NOT say it! It´s offensive to say “I don´t like you”, imagine! Imagine someone said that to you, would you be offended or would you just say “that´s fine, I don´t like you either”. Its not like you´re dooming the other person to forever be your enemy. All it means is: „At the moment I have a bad impression of you, so I’m reserved and careful“. Like this, the other person, instead of being offended or even offensive, could take a pause and maybe try a new approach or just leave it or whatever. (And wouldn’t hear it from someone else). All possibilities would be open. And it can change any time. Maybe you find out that that person is actually honest and trustworthy and you start liking them after all. I mean, And, really, you can only like or dislike people you don’t know. That’s why it works so well in social media. Once you know someone like and dislike don´t apply anymore because you either like them a lot or you don´t want anything to do with them at all or you just don´t care. But it´s not liking or disliking. Because all not liking means is „hey, you’re behaviour and what you say are strange for me“. It doesn’t mean that anyone is WRONG the way they are.

But for some reason, we must not say that. We must keep face. Be polite. Smile. Imagine if we did´t teach our children to do that. Pretend a feeling they don´t have. What an honest place the world would be! And also much more flexible in the emotions. It´s not possible to control emotions, why pretend so? Why not let them come and go and at the same time, be conscious about the fact that they are sometimes changing and short lived. Why not be realistic about them?
In a world, where no one cares about likes because they only scratch the surface of a person, how would social media look like?


Have you ever noticed the difference between

We gotta protect our CHIldren


We gotta protect our children?

One means the children in general, the other just the ones of the speaker. So, whereas one speaks about the future of the planet, the other just speaks of how individuals can get enough money and welfare to care for their children.

I call it the trump pronunciation. He says everything in that way.

Now I wonder – do 50% of Americans not HEAR properly or do 50% of Americans really just think about their own kin and can’t be bothered with anything that would be good for ALL? If the latter, then it only works because not ALL people think that. Cause if ALL 100% were thinking that then they couldn’t make any politics because they would have no one to shut out. So in a way, the republicans need the democrats as a base. They NEED the poor, they need migrants, they NEED racism. So they can appeal to everyone who doesn’t LIKE the poor, unemployed or sick or foreign or muslim or black or whatever. And why does this work so well? Because it’s so EASY to make people dislike things that are different. Because we’re so well trained in NOT saying things like “hey, you muslims are wearing funny clothes, that’s strange why do you do that?” but instead

1. Ignore them (tolerance – is one of our appraised Western values)
2. Judge them
3. Avoid them
4. Avoid all of them. Together

And most importantly: never speak to them. Coz then it COULD happen that you get to know them. So it’s likely you would end up liking them.

As soon as you have something, you’re afraid of losing it or that someone steels it. That’s our culture. Thus the more we have, the more we have to keep it to ourselves, most importantly, keep it away from others.

Why do the Democrats think they can change things with these prerequisites? I wonder: how could Obama actually believe in Obama care??? How could he believe that 50% of people with a mindset of a keeper and guardian suddenly say: of course! Give it all to the poor and the migrants, YES I wanna share my wealth, oh yeah I’ve always dreamed of that!!! It was logic that they would vote ANY republican that followed. For THEIR children. Of course.

And, really, both ways steer into the same way or towards the same end.
It’s like, let’s imagine the world is a garden. And in that garden there’s enough food for 10 people for 10 years. After 10 years the garden is dead with 10 people. If only 9 people live in it it, everyone lives 2 years longer. With 8 it’s 4 years longer. Something like that, haven’t thought it through mathematically. There’s 4 people in it now. So, if you wanna live more than 10 years you gotta either not overfill it or find another garden. But you can let 6 people in and then look for a new garden together. Or you can get 6 children and not let people in. But that will make it difficult to find a new garden after 10 years. Cause those 6 people might have found one in the meanwhile. Will they let you in?
You could also get 2 children and keep some extra space.

That was the situation whenever humans found new territory, like e.g. when America was discovered by the Europeans. That must have been such a relief then. New land!!! New ressources! We don´t have to think about ethics! Wahaaay!

So, no European has ever learnt to do good housekeeping. We colonised half of the world and whenever there was a problem there was war.

So, instead of saving ressources and prepare some extra for guests we chose the last option: kill the consumers when they become too many. Or a bacillus did it.
After WWII, society thrived! And grew. Again. Problem solved!

So, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a democrat or a republican, it doesn’t matter if you do something for your own children or someone else’s. The ressources are already too sparse. Maybe that’s where the republicans are more realistic: the only way to save our garden is to keep others out. Except that our garden is the whole world. And the Western world already uses, how much? 70 sth % of the ressources. And it’s true, if we give them to everyone we might not survive. And what the democrats do is calming their conscience by doing some little things for this group and some little things for that to make them feel better, and to prolong lives by sharing a little bit. In the end, that’s all of the same.

Bytheway, you can interchange the groups “republicans” and “democrats” by “right” and “left” or whatever else, brexitiers and pro Europeans, cats and dogs, whatever. Republicans and Democrats was only chosen cause it’s so clear.

No one says anything like: hey, there’s too many people in the garden. There are no new gardens, some gardens are at war and lots of gardens haven’t even got half the ressources they’d need for all the people they have.
So, what is it we have to do? Huh??

The politicians say
Grow trees
Would make more sense.

Chosing between left and right is like chosing between having 6 children and having 4 and 2 immigrants. The end is the same. The garden dies.

And, what’s also clear is that it will always be a 50:50 question.

When will politicians (ALL politicians) start talking about the actual problem?
When will we all have one goal and stop fighting stupid power games amongst ourselves?


– Abschaffung des Kindergelds – Geld geht an kinderlose / Frauen und vasektomierte Männer in armen Ländern
– Förderung von Kastration
– Abschaffung der Propaganda für Liebe (Verpartnerung) als Allheilmittel und Glücksgarant (Radio NÖ)
– Stattdessen Förderung von Solidarität und Gemeinschaft
– Keine ausgrenzenden Strukturen: keine fixen Klassen, keine fixen Altersstufen, ausschließlich Teamarbeiten
– Besteuerung von Importwaren
– Weltweit einheitliches Steuermodell (Ikea..)
– Schullabore und andere praktische Einrichtungen UND externer Unterricht – jede Woche 1 Tag in einer Elternfirma
– Vollkommene Kostentransparenz von Vereinen und Parteien sowie Gehältern
– Abschaffung der 40 h Woche
– Sinnvolle Betätigungen für untätige (Häftlinge, Erwerbslose, Schulverweigerer): Hunde sitten, Zivildienst, bezahlt (kostet weniger als sie sitzen herum)
– Enteignung von nicht genutztem Wohnraum
– Versteuerung von Luxusgütern exponentiell
– Förderung von angemeldeter Arbeit: Vereinfachung der Gewerbe, Steuererleichterung für klein- und mittelständische Unternehmen
– Verbot des Imports von nicht bio Fleisch + strenge Kontrollen
– Vereinfachung von Gesetzestexten, Einbindung von Linguisten, Prüfungen von Anwälten bei linguistischem Spezial Semantik Institut – kein km Geld mehr für Anwälte
– Gehaltserhöhung in allen Frauenberufen (zur Männerförderung)
– Soziokratische Abstimmungen und Strukturen, Ziel: keine Parteien mehr
– Keine Schulpflicht, freie Schulwahl, Förderung nach Schüleranzahl oä (wie auf der Uni)