About me

I started doing photography with an analog camera (Minolta SRT100x), fully manual, which i still use sometimes. Now I use a Canon 70D but a lot of the pictures on this site were shot with a Sony alpha700, some with the Olympus EPL1, some with the Iphone4s.

After school I spent three years in England, studying linguistics (BA) and working as a translator (books, manuals). After that I did a foundation year in graphic design. Then I studied engineering. During these studies I went to the Academy for Applied Photography. A lot of what I know now I know since then:

There is no right or wrong in art.
A blurry picture is not a bad picture.
Feeling a picture is like listening to music.

and much, much more.

After that I took lessons in photography with Fritz Langmann, preparing for the Photography Masters Exam.

Eventually I did not have to do it because in 2014 photography became a free trade in Austria, finally!!!

Work experience

Studio photographer for Eccomedia ltd – Beauty and Fashion.

“Sonja´s Shootings were professional and the results absolutely met our expectations. The models felt comfortable working with Sonja and often told us about the good teamwork and atmosphere during the shootings.”

Tom Kugler

EccoMedia Agentur für neue Medien
Rosensteingasse 16
1170 Wien

Photographer and journalist for the newspaper

“The pictures are perfect, just what we expect.”

Mag Nicole Kranzl
Chief editor

Badener Zeitung
Wassergasse 1
2500 Baden

Studio photographer for Fritz Langmann

“I like working with Sonja because she has a keen sense of people as well as photography and I can always rely on her.”

Fritz Langmann
Andritzer Reichsstr. 44
8045 Graz

If you are interested in a collaboration please write an email to office@keinname.at