This is me
Waiting for a sign of kindness
Curling without making a move
Overrun, by expectations and prejudice
Wanting to move, without stepping out
Standing still
Quiet, calm
Is this it or is there more to come?

As blood starts dripping out of my mouth I realise
It might be too late to speak out,
For myself, my needs, my views and beliefs.
Just be so kind
Let me die, or let me live
Just don’t leave me here
Hardly able to breathe.
I might make it, by myself
Or maybe I won’t
No one helps me out
My heart throbs loud
It makes them shiver
Without them noticing the pain
Whatever the outcomeGive me your hand
Let me be your guide
I am empty and I see the light
Follow me for just a little while
Cause I can make you see
What you are meant to be.