There’s things that everyone loves, like Le petit prince. Everyone loves the little prince.

And there’s things that not everyone loves, like Michael Jackson’s music. Ok it’s got some nice beats, some of it, but at the latest when he started singing cheesy stuff like „heal the world“ and „we are the world“, that just felt wrong. Now we know he’s a convicted offender. Still they call him the King of Pop. Wonder how the victims feel about that.

The little prince used to be on the 5 francs – the banknote with the lowest value, but the most often used and seen one. The French bank showed elegance with this. I wish the petit prince would have stayed, on a euro. Instead they chose to put bridges and other boring shit on them so no-one would complain. Yes, there’s almost nothing that no-one complains about. I think no-one would have complained about the little prince. Because the little prince is so pure, lovely and authentic that it doesn’t matter at all that he’s a French symbol. He is a global symbol. Maybe there’s some kind of global swarm intelligence. Cause somehow, people feel that paying homage to Michael Jackson is wrong. It just takes time. And there are things that everyone feels they’re right, like the petit prince.